Dale Bishop

 Ever since early adolescence, drawing, painting, creating has been Dale's passion. She graduated from Lander College with a BA in Art. She has also had the great privilege of continuing her studies with many admirable artists in workshops and plein air settings across the US. Her art career includes designing for the textile industry as well as commissioned design work for various fields including 12 original cross stitch books, record covers, and pamphlet illustrations. She taught in two high school settings as well as community workshops and individual mentoring.

Her mediums have been acrylic, oil, gouache, and prisma. Her work leans toward an animated realism and high color, along with small touches of design resonating in her work. The subject matter is very eclectic; portrait and human studies are her favorite. If she can embrace an image or a message, she will translate and paint her version of it. Animal art is an additional strong point in her renderings. She says this about her process: "I personally feel that art is a way of ascending to the Creator of all visual, created matter. Art itself is its own personal reward for me."